I agree with every fiber of my being. Well.. actually I kinda take that back. I enjoy the crust just as much as the pizza itself. They are both essential in maximizing the delectable experience that one can get from a slice. If you disregard one or the other, you are without a doubt, a sinner who doesn't deserve to enter the condo of Zeus himself.

I'd also like to add something else. Not eating the crust can say a lot about one's character. By not eating the crust, you're saying that you don't finish what you start. It shows that you lack commitment.

This should be a test for interviewing potential employees or seeing if your date is the one for you. Just give them a pizza slice. If by the end they don't eat the crust, it's an immediate red flag.

Ehh.. Well.. This test might be flawed actually. Because what if they're smart enough to decline your pizza slice offer? They know you're trying to test them. Clever little buggers. Okay, never mind about my proposal of the pizza slice test.

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